Pledges of the Alpha Pi Chapter

Spring 2011: Zeta Psi's Alpha Pi chapter at Virginia Tech will take on a new pledge class in February. If you are interested in rushing (the pre-pledge processes of getting to know what Zeta Psi is all about), visit the Rush Page of this site for more information.

For Potential Members:

We would like to welcome you to Zeta Psi, a social college fraternity at over 75 schools in the United States and Canada. Since 1847, we have been working to enrich the lives of students beyond the traditional scope of a university education. In turn, our members have advanced to become leaders in North America, from influential writers, to state governors and presidential hopefuls, to CEOs of major corporations. By providing support and an environment for social learning at school, we aim to, "...turn out into the world self-respecting, original-thinking, self-controlled, purposeful gentlemen."

Since our beginnings at New York University, we have worked to be pioneers in the Greek community. We were the first fraternity to stretch from coast-to-coast, the first international fraternity, the first fraternity to be present at all Ivy League Schools and the first national or international fraternity on a dozen campuses. We have intentionally focused on upper-tier schools in order to ensure continuation of our innovative spirit.

Any questions can and should be directed to our chapter president, Justin DeCoster.

For Parents:
As a parent, you have the right to know all the information about our organization and it is best summarized by our national chapter here:
Information for parents