To express interest in Zeta Psi, stay on top of our rush events, or to have any and all Zeta Psi rush-related questions answered, contact our Spring 2011 rush chair Thomas Albanese at or at (434)-390-3957

How Do I Join Zeta Psi?

The whole process starts right here!  You're reading this so you must be mildly interested. This, what you're doing now, is rushing. So first you must rush Zeta Psi. If you decide you like what you see here on this page, and then come meet us. We're all around campus. We try to make ourselves known so that anybody can have an opportunity. If we don't approach you first, by all means feel free to approach us.

The Rush Process...

The rush process is not pledging. Rush is simply a time when brothers are seeking potential new members. Rushes have no affiliation to any organization other than ties of friendship during the rush period. A potential new members only duty during the rush period is to participate when he can in fraternity events and learn as much as he can about that fraternity. Rush is simply put a “test drive” for both the brothers and the potential new members.

Below is a general flow chart of how rush works here at Virginia Tech. This general scheme is not specific to Zeta Psi, it is a general scheme adopted and encouraged by the university.

1. Pre-Rush- Pre-rush or “unofficial rush” is the time period before official rush begins. This is a time for potential new members to get to know the brothers of the fraternity they are rushing. This time should be used by the potential new member to gain exposure to the fraternity and “see if it fits.” Pre-rush is simply the relaxed time in between official rush periods. Official bids may not be extended during this time.

2. Official Rush- This is the time period when rush is officially sanctioned by the university. It lasts two weeks, This is a time when fraternities focus heavily on recruitment. Rush does not cost anything. During rush potential new members have no official obligations to any fraternity. A potential new member’s duty during this time is to learn as much as he can about the fraternity he is interested in. This is also a “test drive” period for both the brothers and potential new members.

3. Closed Rush- Closed rush is a formal event at the end of rush. Closed rush typically includes dinner and an information session about the fraternity. It is also a time when potential new members can ask questions about the fraternity; however this is encouraged during the entire rush process. Closed rush is scheduled for Sunday Feb 20. All potential new members that have decided that Greek Life is a good fit for them should attend close rush. Closed rush is performed by each individual fraternity for their potential new members.

4. Bid Day- Bid day is the day that each fraternity extends bids, or invitations to become a pledge, to potential new members. Bids are extended after 8pm and all potential new members are expected to be in their place of residence to receive a bid.

5. New Member Orientation-New member orientation is a program that all potential new members that received bids must attend in order to be able to accept their bid. This program is put on by the Director of Greek Life, Heather Evans. During this program various rules and expectations of the university are explained to the potential new members. The program is fairly short, informal, and highly informative. This is a required program for anyone that is going to accept their bid. Potential new members that receive bids but have not decided if they are going to accept or decline are encouraged to attend this program so that they maintain the option of accepting their bid. I will stress again, you can not accept your bid if you do not attend the new member orientation session.

6. Bid Acceptance- Bid acceptance is when all potential new members officially accept their bids and become pledges. This process is done by each individual fraternity. After a potential new member accepts his bid he becomes a pledge.