"Making men better men since 1847."

The major characteristic which makes fraternities differ from one another is the type of individual involved. "In Zeta Psi, we firmly believe in this concept. Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America was founded in 1847 with the ideals of developing young men into purposeful, free-thinking, community-minded individuals. We are smaller than some of the other fraternities in the Interfraternity Conference (IFC), but we have many great accomplishments under our belts. Zeta Psi became the first truly national fraternity, when we started our chapter at the University of California at Berkley in 1870. We also became the first international fraternity when the chapter at the University of Toronto was started in 1879. Other firsts include the first fraternity at all eight Ivy League schools simultaneously, and the first fraternity on the campuses of Tufts, Cornell, Berkeley, Toronto, McGill, Case Western Reserve, Stanford, Alberta, Calgary, Claremont, and the University of Manitoba.

We put a strong emphasis on the individual, not only in recruitment and training, but in career development, alumni affiliation, and lifelong participation. We want our brother to feel that he is a stronger individual for his association with us, not simply a member of a group.

We are often called the "Ivy League Fraternity". As Zeta Psi chapters spread across the North American continent, we did not stray from our original mission. We have approximately 77 active chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Our chapter roll speaks for itself. We maintain our selective group by choice, rather than compromise the integrity of our brotherhood. Zeta Psi has built a reputation for establishing chapters at only the premier academic institutions in the U.S. and Canada. No other fraternity can match this impressive list."

-Courtesy of the University of Manitoba's Zeta Psi site